Cowichan Valley Local Governments Select Legend Recreation Software As Class Replacement



Cowichan Valley Local Governments Select Legend Recreation Software As Class Replacement


Legend to support full integration of three local governments’ recreational facilities enabling better public access

Three local municipalities in the Cowichan Valley of British Columbia have come together to improve public access to recreation services with Legend Recreation Software.

The Town of Ladysmith, the Cowichan Valley Regional District and the Municipality of North Cowichan are replacing their existing, individual versions of Class software, which reaches its end of life in November 2017, with a single, shared implementation of Legend.

The move to Legend is allowing the three organisations to achieve economies of scale and reduce the resources required in the selection and implementation of the new software. Significantly, though, through Legend the organizations will also be able to provide customers across all three locations with improved visibility of, and access to, recreation services across the region – including programs at local aquatic centres, fitness centres, ice rinks, sports playing fields, and parks with rentable space.

Don Stewart, Deputy Director of Parks & Recreation, Municipality of North Cowichan, comments: “Initially, we recognized the value-add in bringing on the same software at the same time in order to aid staff training and improve the degree of local support. However, it became rapidly apparent from our early discussions with Legend that a larger, integrated implementation would allow the public we serve better access to recreation across the region.”

The municipalities considered seven different software vendors in a comprehensive tender process; these included a cross section of providers local to British Columbia as well as national and international software vendors. Legend was selected due to its advocacy for the single integrated solution; its proven ability to deliver this within the required timescales; and its focus on improving how the front desk could operate in terms of reliability and public ease of use.

Don explains: “Our current website is very clunky and difficult to use which means that front desk staff spend a significant amount of time answering public enquiries. Legend will make it significantly easier for members of the public to find the information they need about recreation facilities, irrespective of where they are within the Valley, which has knock-on benefits for us operationally.

“In addition, Legend will make the transition between facilities bookings and registration seamless for front desk staff, who currently have to open and close different programs. This will have a further positive impact on staff effectiveness and satisfaction and give them more time to spend enhancing the customer experience. “Finally, from a wider organizational perspective, we will benefit from better analytics - better insight into how the public is using our services - and take intelligence from our business decisions in order to make continuous improvements.”

Legend is currently working with the three local governments in the Cowichan Valley on the project with a target completion date of January 2017.

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