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City of Fredericton Go Live with Legend

May 2018

Legend is pleased to announce the Go Live of the City of Fredericton, the capital of the province of New Brunswick in Canada.

The City of Fredericton is sited on the banks of the majestic Saint John River. Fredericton is a government and University City with an interesting history.  The City offers museums, galleries and a vibrant cultural scene.

Fredericton maintains more than 115 km of non-motorised multi-use scenic trails for year round use. Fredericton has 138 parkland locations, totalling over 900 hectares of green space for public use, including the 900 acre Odell Park with its Botanic Garden, duck pond and trails network and the 1200 acre Killarney Lake Park, with its hiking, walking, snowshoeing/skiing trails and supervised beach. Fredericton also has 51 playgrounds to give families a place to play and to meet friends.

Depending on the season, there will be a court, gym, arena, pool, ball or sports field available to book. Fredericton currently has 23 ball fields, 2 artificial turf fields, multi-use sports fields, and over 17 fields and courts designated for specific sports.

A big welcome to the City of Fredericton.

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