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City of Woodstock Moves to Online Registration and Bookings with Legend Recreation Software

Aug 2016

Removal of manual registration and payment processes provides greater ease of use for customers and improved operational analytics

City of WoodstockThe City of Woodstock has selected Legend Recreation Software as the provider of a new online registration and bookings system. The new system will allow the city to better service customers accessing its culture, and parks and recreation facilities. Through Legend, Woodstock’s 38,000 strong populations will be able to access online a full program of classes, provide rental equipment, and make bookings and payment at their convenience. The city’s administrators will also benefit from an easy to administrate system using a single, centralized database which will provide them with improved data and analytics.

Patrick King, Supervisor of Aquatics and Recreation Programs, the City of Woodstock, comments, “Legend will without doubt make it easier for our customers. They will be able to access the wide range of services and facilities we offer much more conveniently. To date, it’s been a manual process where people have to register or book in person or by phone, whereas with Legend they will be able to do this at their own convenience on any device including smartphone. It will reduce wait periods, line ups, increase customer satisfaction and free up reception staff to focus on improving the customer experience in other ways.

“Operationally, moving to Legend will improve the insight we have of how our facilities and services are being used whilst Legend’s online bookings will help us automate and better control our cash handling and alleviate the man hours that are being currently spent on manual administration.”

The City of Woodstock provides a wide range of recreational, aquatic and cultural programs for its citizens, as well as managing facilities including museums, art galleries and libraries, three Ice Hockey rinks, soccer fields and one indoor and one outdoor pool. In 2013, Patrick was appointed with the objective of addressing historic, manual processes, increasing operational efficiency and improving the use of information across the organisation.

“Initially, our priority was to sort out online bookings and registrations, and we were delighted to come across Legend when they launched into Canada last year,” Patrick says. “The software is head and shoulders above other solutions we have come across. It will make us more effective, save us time and make it much easier from our customers’ perspective.”

The City of Woodstock is now also looking at other functionality Legend has to offer, including its facility management module, which will help improve customer service further through better managing and tracking; ensuring clean and fully operational facilities. Moreover, the facilities management functionality will help make sure that these are operating at maximum efficiency, with resultant cost savings.

Finally, Legend’s powerful reporting capabilities will provide the City of Woodstock with easy access to accurate and consistent insight. “We will be able to see what the most popular programs are, what the rate of return is across all the different courses we run, and how our customers use our facilities. It will improve our reporting capabilities and help us to plan for the future development of what we offer,” says Patrick.

He concludes: “In addition to everything else, with Legend, we really feel that we deal with people who genuinely care about our interests and us. Their approach and engagement model is reflective of that, and their continued investment in their product and infrastructure means that we have a solution that meets our needs both today, and into the future.”

James O’Brien, Director of Legend Recreation Software, Inc. adds: “We are thrilled at the way in which we are being received by our prospects and clients in Canada, and are delighted to be working closely with the City of Woodstock to help them drive transformation in the way customers access and utilize their services.”

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