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Oct 2015

Dovercourt Recreation Centre is a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of its community through the use of recreation programmes. With core programs offered such as Fitness, Aquatics, Dance, Pottery and Sports for people of all ages and stages, Dovercourt Recreation Centre also runs Camps and Out of School Care programmes.

With extensive changes taking place in the Canadian recreation industry and a need to modernize and centralize its existing system to provide a better experience for customers, Dovercourt decided to enlist the services of Legend Recreation Software, Inc., the Canadian subsidiary of Legend Club Management Systems.

The whole suite of Legend software will be implemented across the Dovercourt organisation. From Legend FM to Legend Registration Software and Camps, including online functions and Smartphone Apps, e-POS, Membership, Dashboards and BI Reporting, and the Legend Content Management System for the new Dovercourt website; each component will be installed by the go-live date of December 3rd 2015.

Before deciding on Legend recreation software, Dovercourt had been using another software provider, but on viewing Legend’s solution soon recognized that significant improvements could be made. After a detailed evaluation, it became clear that the breadth of Legend’s innovative solutions was exactly what Dovercourt was looking for. Mike Tait, Senior Director: Finance and Administration, Dovercourt Recreation Centre, comments, “What we really needed was a single point of control to better manage the database so that when something was changed once, it would be changed throughout the entire system. That’s exactly what we will get with Legend, better data and easier system administration, saving us time and providing us with a great deal of insight.”

An area of significant advancement is Dovercourt’s use of digital swimming report cards, which Legend has enabled. With numerous swimming programmes and classes available for children of all ages, and progress needing to be tracked for each, Mike explains that a more practical approach was needed. “We figured that giving parents paper report cards that were constantly getting damp next to the pool side was not the best way for us to communicate the success and progress of their children. With help from Legend, we have become the first recreation centre to make these report cards digital at the poolside and therefore easy for parents to access securely online. It might seem an obvious innovation, but the technology is a big step forward for the recreation sector.”

James O’Brien, Director of Legend Recreation Software, Inc. adds, “After a productive planning and implementation phase, we’re looking forward to a successful go live on December 3rd 2015. We’ve been able to bring our experience and expertise to the table to guide the team through the go live preparations. It’s been great working with Mike and the Dovercourt team helping the organisation make such positive steps forward.”

Mike concludes, “It’s safe to say that Legend is by far the most advanced provider in the industry; light years ahead of the rest. We’re on a steep progression curve with Legend which will open many doors for us, and will certainly provide immense benefits for our customers as we continuously modernize our thinking.”

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