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Nov 2015

The Glebe Neighborhood Activities Group (GNAG) has become one of the first organizations in Canada to contract with Legend Recreation Software, Inc., the Canadian subsidiary of Legend Club Management Systems. GNAG is moving from its current website and registration software providers to Legend, in a single, centralized solution. In doing so, GNAG will benefit from significant time savings from the removal of manual information processing, as well as improved reporting and business insight. In addition, clients of GNAG will have access to a highly user-friendly system, making both online registration and information management much easier.

The Glebe Neighborhood Activities Group is a non-profit recreational organization, working in partnership with the City of Ottawa and providing recreational programs and services, activities and events in the Glebe neighborhood and the city at large. Its services range from 12-week adult yoga and pottery classes, to leadership and skills acquisition programs for teenagers, health and fitness classes and, in particular, a large number of week-long summer day camps for children from pre-kindergarten to 17 years, processing approximately 8,000 bookings each year.

Prior to implementing Legend, GNAG had an online registration system that it had been using since 2004, as well as a separate content management system for its website. The organization had been looking for a replacement solution that would allow it to centralize its content, remove the manual duplication of information, and make it significantly easier for clients to register online.

Mary Tsai-Davies, Executive Director, GNAG, explains: “Our existing systems were outdated and no longer supported the needs of the business moving forward. In terms of online registration and access to information, the end-user experience was not what we wanted it to be: it was difficult to search for programs and activities and the purchasing process was clunky. Furthermore, clients had no means of accessing their account history, without contacting us directly.”

“From an administrative perspective, we had to maintain two separate databases and rekey course information manually between the two systems, which was both onerous and open to error, whilst the financial management and report creation processes were highly time-consuming.”

With Legend’s online registration solution, GNAG will benefit from a single, centralized database and integrated online bookings system that will also cater for GNAG’s complex summer camp registration process. Clients will have secure online access to their account history and tax receipts, and will be able to manage their personal credit system online. In addition, Legend’s advanced reporting capabilities will give GNAG business insight that it has, to date, struggled to achieve.

Mary adds: “With Legend, we will be able to see what the most popular programs are, what the rate of return is across all the different courses we run. It will improve our reporting capabilities to our Board of Directors and help strategic planning.”

She concludes: “We’re really excited about Legend, both for ourselves and our end-users. It’s going to make our job as operator more effective: saving us time, providing us outstanding management information and making it much easier from our clients’ perspective. Legend is far more sophisticated than any system we’ve come across; it’s like moving from horse-and-cart to driving a racing car.”

GNAG will go live with Legend’s online registration system on December 1st 2015.

James O’Brien, Director of Legend Recreation Software, Inc. adds: “We are delighted to be working with Mary and her team, the first of several orders in progress at the moment. It is a chance to demonstrate what we can do and how our approach differs from the competition. The migration and training is going very well and my team is enjoying working on the Glebe project. We look forward to a successful go live on 1st December.”

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